Will's Reflections: ACE & Forgiveness

We attain new heights of wellbeing when we begin to forgive the harm done us as children.

Forgiving Childhood Adversity

When we are ready, forgiving past injuries frees us from the past.

Will's Reflections: ACE & Meaning

As we truly heal, we begin to see how childhood hardship led to adult compassion, wisdom, and other positive qualities.

Post-Traumatic Growth

We know that people transform after major setbacks, often coming to see how their trauma prompted maturation. But can adversity during childhood promote growth in the same way?

Will's Reflections: From Fallout to Flow

The vulnerabilities bequeathed by early trauma can promote spiritual maturity in later life.

DHHS Issues New Guidance for Children and Families

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has issued new guidance to improve the wellbeing of children and families who have experienced trauma.

The Fallout from Childhood Adversity

Childhood hardship forces adaptation. Youngsters acquire patterns of behavior and outlook that help them survive dangerous homes but lead to later difficulties. A unifying diagnosis will facilitate compassionate and effective treatment.

Will's Reflections: ACE & Addiction

Addiction often arises from formative trauma, and recovery is aided when early injuries are acknowledged and addressed.

The Childhood Roots of Addiction

Contrary to assumptions popular for most of the twentieth century, unhealed childhood adversity appears to be the major influence driving addiction.

Will's Reflections: ACE & Creativity

Childhood adversity and trauma fuel creativity, but also angst. To flourish artistically without succumbing to addiction or despair requires support and coping skills.

Fame vs Trauma in Celebrity Deaths

Early trauma may contribute to the risk of early mortality among celebrities.

Will's Reflections: ACE & Helping

Those raised under adverse circumstances often feel drawn to help others. This trait, though positive, may lead to burnout. Recovery from traumatic pasts is aided when we employ our strengths in ways that support our own healing.
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